The CENTER for ENGAGED COMPASSION (CEC) helps individuals, communities, and organizations form lives of wise, skillful, active compassion for the good of the world.

The Center has developed unique processes of “engaged compassion” that transform the desire to help others into practical actions that change the world for good. The Center teaches concrete, learnable practices, skills, and perspectives that give individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and even governments the capabilities and sensibilities for creating genuine peace, healing, reconciliation, and collaboration through the formation of engaged compassion. The CEC has helped cultivate compassion in a wide variety of settings — including Zimbabwe, Capitol Hill, schools, prisons, and hospitals.

The Center for Engaged Compassion offers

  • training in leadership formation
  • guidance in processes of collaboration and organizational change
  • processes for constructive community & stakeholder dialogue/engagement
  • conflict transformation/mediation
  • discernment-based strategic planning
  • reconciliation workshops
  • retreats, immersion experiences, and contemplative practice gatherings
  • research in neuroscience and contemplative practice
  • art festivals & storytelling events for community building
  • scholarly conferences
  • opportunities for social change
  • accredited courses, certificates, and degrees.

In these and other ways, the Center helps form lives and communities of engaged compassion.